Personal Loans vs. Mortgage Loans

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There comes a time when a person gets surrounded by liabilities and seeks help. There are enough opportunities for them to deal with the situation. They can avail loans from lenders for their definite purpose. But, the big question is that whether the loans are really going to pull out of financial crisis or create a much deeper one. Nowadays, the interest rates charged on loans especially on personal loans are way too high and un-affordable for many. Then, what one can do beside this? How about getting a Mortgage loan or Loans against Property?

This article will answer every question on mortgage loans.

  • What is Mortgage loan or Loans against Property?

This is one type of several kinds of loans present. It is a form of secured loans in which the mortgage is tied against the property of borrower. It can be a residential property (self-occupied or rented), commercial property or land. This type of loan gives the same benefits as personal loans like the amount can be used multi-purposely i.e. for education, medical expenses or buying a new entity.

Difference between Mortgage loans and Personal loans

  • Time to process

As we know that mortgage loans are secured form of loans and any of these loans take several days or a month before the amount is disbursed. First of all the borrower has to present the legal documents regarding the ownership of the property against which the loan is taken. Also, banks judge repayment capacity of borrower through income and further look credit history before they sanction loan.

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On the other hand, personal loans are the unsecured form of loans hence, banks only look to some documents of income,  cibil score and the loan would be sanctioned. It will take 2, 3 days hardly to disburse the money. In some cases it can even be given within 24 hours.

Interest rates

The rates usually depend upon the credit score of the borrower. Many with good credit score get loans on cheaper rates.

Mortgage loans charge less interest rate as they are secured loans. The rates can be anywhere from 11% to 16%.

However personal loans are going to be very expensive. The rates can be anywhere from 16% to 21%.

Loan eligibility

Mortgage loans depend on two factors which are the market value of property and income. Basically, 40% to 70% of the current value of property can be sanctioned. It may go up to several crores but, income of borrower plays a crucial part.

Personal loans offer money only based on monthly income. As the lenders are at risk in personal loans, the amount could only rise up to 25 lakhs maximum. It may vary from lenders to lenders.

EMI and Time Tenure

Mortgage loans are offered for maximum to 15 year whereas personal loans are given for less time. Also, mortgage loans have lower interest rates resulting in less Equated Monthly Installments as compared to personal loans which have higher EMI. However, the flip side is that longer tenure would also result in higher interest payout.

Although, Mortgage loans come out to be better in comparison with personal loans, there are lots of requirements too. Those who need emergency funds could get personal loans from different banks with good offers like Axis bank personal loans, HDFC bank loans or SBI. All the listed banks also provide Mortgage loans, so there is no need to worry.


The Most Unknown Facts about Menopause

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One of the most known and widespread disease found in women is Menopause. Women face various challenges during disease. Menopause can be easily understood as having no menstrual periods for 12 months or more. It causes many changes in the body as production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone hormones in ovaries get decreased.

If I ask you how much you know about menopause? You would probably say well enough to deal with it. But there is lot more to know about the disease. This article will tell about few other less known facts which every woman should know.

  1. The most targeted age group

Women could get affected by menopause at any age but most commonly it occurs at the age of 51. The majority of women would have their last period somewhere between the ages of 45 to 55. Some women start experiencing declining ovary function earlier than other. Certain lifestyle of the women such as smoking, chemotherapy, radiation could also cause decline in ovary resulting in early menopause. Basically, early menopause occurs under the age of 40.

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  1. Hot flashes is universal

There are various symptoms of menopause. It all vary from women to women and also their age group but one of the most common symptoms which occur to almost every woman is hot flashes. A woman feels very sweaty and flush and these flashes generally occur to the upper part of the body. The severity and intensity of hot flashes also varies. Sometimes it tends to be so high that cheeks turn red. One thing to know about hot flashes is that its frequency and severity decreases with time.

  1. Perimenopause is different from menopause

Basically, Perimenopause refer to the period of time just before the actual menopause begins. Fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels and decline hormone production in ovaries can begin between the ages of 30 to 40. Body begins to transit from perimenopause to menopause, from menstruating regularly to not menstruating at all.
The most common symptoms are irregular menstrual cycle and hot flashes.

  1. Bone loss is the worst effect

The decline in the estrogen production is the main cause of bone loss. This affects the calcium in the bones, leading to almost 20 percent drop in the bone density of the women. Bone loss is not an instant effect; it becomes more visible after few years of menopause. To counter this menace, women should add more calcium in their diet. Also, some weight bearing exercises can come handy.

  1. Chances of heart diseases

We all know that diseases are interlinked. If your body is dealing with a disease for longer duration, it is possible that it makes way for other diseases as well. In menopause there is decrease in estrogen level which actually offers protection against heart attack and stroke. Blood circulation also gets affected result in higher risk of heart attack.

Though menopause is a silent disease, it could be dangerous as well. It is better to have ayurvedic  treatment, for better and positive result.

5 Best Hatha Yoga Poses to lose Weight


Nothing in the world could be more satisfying than having a perfect body. If you are the owner of a slim toned yet healthy body then you would enjoy attraction from everyone. But, what does it take to get it; a rigid schedule of exercises or low calories diet? I would suggest you to do it in much easier way through Yoga. The postures in Yoga are capable of burning extra fat in the body and at the same time it would calm your nerves. Hitting Gym daily, might be little tough for many but yoga is suitable for all.

Let us checkout 5 best poses to lose weight

  • Surya Namaskar

The day you start your yoga journey, you would know the importance of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation. This warm up routine is based on a sequence of gracefully linked asanas. This could be your first step towards getting a good shaped body and mind as it helps in detoxification. It aids up internal organ and stretches body resulting in improved digestion and burning calories. There are 12 steps in each cycle of Surya Namaskar which need to be performed everyday for better results.


  • Utkatasana

The pose is also called as chair pose. Regularly performing this pose can easily tone your hips, thighs, knees and legs. The pose stretches the spines and chest which relieve stress. The pose is relatively easy to commit, compare to other poses. Just imagine that you are about to sit on a chair and form a posture. Try to hold this aasan for at least 1 minute for better results.

  • Bhujangasana

As we all know that burning belly fat is the most difficult task. It takes months in gym to actually lower the fat but this very aasan could do it instantly. The pose is also called as Cobra Pose and helps in burning belly fat very quickly. When you perform this pose, you transfer all your body weight on your navel area which massages the internal organ and help in improving digestive system. Also, it strengthens the abdomen and back muscles.

  • Setubandhanasana

To get something unusual, you have to face some challenges. This pose is somehow challenging especially for beginners but provides huge advantages to the body. It can help in building core strength in the spine, neck and back. The pose focuses on improving the blood circulation and helps you to lose extra weight around the middle of the body. By performing this aasan daily for a minute could even help in treating sinusitis.

  • Dhanurasana

This pose is also called as Bow Pose. This pose does not only help in losing weight but provides complete massage to the belly and strengthen abdomen. It stretches the body and focus on the stomach resulting in proper functioning of digestive organs and also helps in fighting constipation.

The above poses are overall solution and key to get healthy and toned body. There are numerous other poses with these which are part of every yoga classes or even in yoga teacher training courses.

Adventurous Face of Kerala


A dream destination for a vacation should have unique features like ubiquitous natural beauty, few pieces of scientific structures, palpable cuisines, and lots of adventurous events to experience. All things which you desire, you would get in god’s own country, Kerala. The magnetic beauty of the majestic mountains overlooking the Western Ghats and the lush green back waters with a wide array of flora and fauna propels for a perfect tour. The land blessed with immense beauty, lures thousands of tourist every year for some amusing experiences of adventure.

Let us see what it offers for all adventure seeking souls.

  • Bamboo Rafting

Rafting is an experience which is common among tourist destinations but the one offered here is something different. Nature lover are going to have a treat while bamboo rafting. One could enjoy the natural enchanting beauty of the forests where you sail on the bamboo. The sweet chirping sound of the bird provides mourning to the soul. Traversing through forest areas, you could witness the rare wild animals. For the most prominent experience of bamboo rafting, visit at Periyar Tiger Reserve.


  • Mountain Climbing

If you love to Climb Mountains and have a undisruptive look of the nature then definitely head towards Kerala. There are many spots in the state where mountain climbing can be enjoyed to the fullest. Chembra Peak in Wayanad is most popular point for the mountain climbing in Kerala. Though it may sound very exciting, but mountain climbing is a very tough task. Be totally prepared before you start the expedition. Take all the safety measures, important things and eatables with you, as the event is a day long.

  • Wild Life Safari

For an awesome experience of forest life, just go on a wild safari in Kerala and certainly you would gather memories of your life. Witnessing the rich bio-diversity and the amazing range of flora and fauna is an awe-inspiring experience. The greenery of the state would definitely make you more conscious about conserving our environment and natural resources.

  • Tree house living

We all share few same childhood memories just like climbing a tree. Every child once in a life usually does that. So to relive your childhood days must experience the tree climbing event in Kerala. People of all ages can enjoy tree climbing with different techniques according to their convenience. One could also have a wonderful experience of living in a Tree house for a day. Amidst of wild forest above the tree you could see every animal elephant, tiger, leopard or wolf passing through your tree. This amazing experience is beyond description.

·       Elephant Ride

Elephant ride in a lush green jungle is nothing less than tour of a paradise. Above the tall elephant, it just feels like a warrior. You will traverse through forests surrounded by trees and animals. Also, you would witness different activities of an elephant while spending the day with it.

Everyone desire visiting a place which have such different variety of things to offer. If you still haven’t book a deal from several Kerala tour packages, then do it right now. Visit the god’s own country to know the environment little closer and deeper.


Top 5 Most Effective Tools of Lean Manufacturing


The lean manufacturing is the system undertaken by companies or organization to maximize their sale with less resource and with zero wastage. The ultimate goal is to adopt a good effective system for the development of the organization as well as its employees.

Lean manufacturing system was initially implemented by Japan. There was a significant change in the work ethics of the companies their resulting in increased in revenue generation. From there the idea was spread all over the world and now most of the companies have adopted this mechanism.

Lean manufacturing consultant doesn’t have fixed structure. It varies from organization to organization. But there are various tools which can be implemented in every organization for better result. Let us see.

  • 5S

The first and the basic tool is 5S tool. This tool helps the company to organize their workplace much efficiently. The main focus of the tool is to reduce waste and save time.

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As the name suggest that this tool comprises of 5 different steps. The first phase is ‘Sor’t. In this we sort the equipment and eliminate those machines or materials which aren’t necessary. The second step is ‘Set in Order’ in which we organize the equipment as per requirement. The third step is ‘Shine’ in which all the equipment and the workplace should be cleaned. The fourth step is ‘Standardize’; record the visual for future instances and the last step is ‘Sustain’ i.e. to maintain the process for ever.

  • Continuous flow

The next very important tool is the continuous flow or continuous improvement tool. This should be considered as an ethic rather than tool. However, this tool ensures continuous flow of raw materials to the production area and the final product to the market. It has various benefits such as it will reduce cost, time, and resources as well as decrease wastage.

  • Jidoka

Jidoka tool is very beneficial in manufacturing industries. Earlier the machines used to carry production process. Any defects or faults were only visible after the end product is quality checked. By this tool, we prepare machines to automatically stop production at time it detects fault and so the workers could immediately look the issue. This ensures no defected material in market.

  • Kaizen

One can say this tool is overall solution for every problem. Kaizen is system of continuous improvement in quality, quantity, work ethics and safety. It involves all the employees of the company to carry out each and every work. From manager to cleaning crew, everyone could come up with suggestions and all the tips are integrated to create a good process of eliminating waste and increase production.

  • TPM

Poor maintenance structure leads to several breakdowns of machine resulting decreased production, which is the biggest cause of loss to company. TPM emphasizes to create a proactive approach regarding maintenance work to maximize the operational time of equipment resulting in huge production. It creates a shared responsibility among the maintenance

5 Most Beautiful Flowers for Men


No one would be unaware about the fact that how much women love flowers. Absolutely, they relate themselves as soft, beautiful, fragrant just like flowers and receiving fresh blooms of flowers from loved ones make them happy. But, one may not know that even men also crave for flowers. They are no more solely for women. In a year most of the seasons and occasion comes when a girl is cherished with flowers but only a handful occasion are there like Birthday, Anniversary when flowers or plants could be gifted to a guy.

Let us check the tips for buying flowers or plants for men.

  • Birthdays/ Anniversary

There are various options available for sending flowers to a man on his birthday or Anniversary. The special occasion comes once in year and gifting fresh flowers could be a great idea to make his day. You could send flowers online to them in their office. By sending an impressive arrangement of flowers to your guy, could convey your unconditional love to them. Orchid flower arrangement is absolutely the perfect choice. Other than orchids, lily plant can also be an exotic option.


  • Convey your wishes

When you would like to wish congratulations to a man on his achievement, it’s better to do with flowers. This gesture could be well conveyed through fresh contrast flowers. Also, at the time when a person is down with a disease, you could cheer them up with flowers as they are helpful in speedy recovery. White colour flower arrangements are the most suitable ‘Get well soon’ flowers along with blue or yellow flowers.

If you think that men don’t have interest towards plants and gardening and it could be a bad idea gifting them a plant then you have to change your decision. Below are some plant suggestions which are admired by every man and can solve the purpose.

  • The Bonsai plant

Men generally are careless and love the things which suit their manly behavior. A bonsai plant is somehow the same which they desire. It gives a masculine appeal and able to withstand harsh treatment. Basically this plant is an outdoor plant which is now cultivated inside home. It is self maintained plant and doesn’t require much care other than water regularly.

  • The Snake Plant

The plant is the symbol of tolerance. Any situation it can withstand and still able to remain the same. They have a formidable structure and can be neglected even for weeks and still they will be fresh and beautiful. They require very little caring and have ability to survive in low sunlight and drought. Anyone would be impressed to know that this plant is very helpful in cleaning the air as it removes toxins and poses every feature of a perfect houseplant.

Contemporary flower arrangements with fresh look and natural style are a great choice for men. Just keep one thing in mind, the flower should be strong so that men could connect themselves with it.


Things to Know About Chronograph Watches


A girl’s kitty is always filled with cosmetics products, various ornaments and stylish wardrobe. They have plenty of choices to regard themselves but when comes to man there are only few options which can mark them stylish and trending. One of them is watches, trendy stylish branded watches. It is no wrong to say that men only crave for watches nothing else.

With several varieties of watches in the market, chronograph watches has been among the top choice for both male and female. The only thing most of us know that they have a unique look and usability. This article will give more information about them.

  • What is Chronograph watch?

This a specific type of watch combined with built in watch and display watch.  Certainly, these watches are one of the most complex one to handle. They are various types of chronograph watches. The most basic one would have independent second sweep hand; it can be managed, start, stop and reset. Complicated chronographs have multiple independent hands for hours, minutes, seconds or may be tenth of a second as well.

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There are various modern day usages of chronograph. Earlier, chronographs were used in artillery fire in the mid to late 1800s. They were used for recording velocity of missiles. Chronographs watches were invented before the stopwatch and mostly used to compare observation between time bases in sports such as horse races at that time. Now chronograph watches are used in much scientific researches. They are used in piloting airplanes, car racing, diving, submarine maneuvering and record heartbeats in hospitals. Chronographs are also used by astronauts in space.


The most basic function of any watch is to show time. The chronograph watch is very complex machine created for more uses. Basically, they are used to record the accurate time elapsed.

Different chronograph watch function differently. Non-digital chronographs don’t require a battery or other source of power. They get the required kinetic energy as soon as the wearer put it on the arm or wrist.

Modern chronograph watches has a button on the top of watch. By pressing the button once, the time recording starts and by pressing it again it stops.

  • Types of chronograph watches

Tape Chronographs- Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec developed the first marketed chronograph in 1821. He invented tape chronographs in which tape was dragged along at control speed to record timing.

Flyback– These types of chronographs have timing hand that can be reset rapidly. Sweep second hand is used to stop or start recording.