Quick Methods to Build Muscles at Home

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It is nothing wrong to say that all humans are obsessed with themselves or rather say conscious towards their body. We all desire to have a slim, perfectly toned body to enhance our look. To get it, we sweat a lot in gym, hit hard to build and develop our muscles. But not everyone can afford to join a gym or have home gym kit.

Most of us feel that it is actually impossible to have a good workout schedule without using modern equipment and machines. To some extent it is correct but not completely. Even today you can achieve a sexy, toned and powerful body at home with these given basic exercises.

  • Pushups

I know even without much knowledge about bodybuilding and muscle exercises, everyone is well aware about pushups. They are the fundamental procedure for achieving a good body shape. Often we take this exercise for granted but without any equipment and any fancy training, pushups serve as the perfect home exercise. Initially pushups could be hard to perform but regular practice would gradually decrease the stress on arms and increase strength in muscles. Just make sure you do the pushups in correct manner for better outcome.


  • Abs crunches

‘Do in Rome as Romans do’, here this quote specifically means that do the same what is trending. Nowadays, a perfect masculine body is defined only by having 6-packs abs. If you have such a body, women would definitely crave for you. This superb exercise would slowly and steadily transform your belly in to 6 packs abs. The only thing required is determination. Simply you have to lie down the floor and stare ceiling. Then elevate your shoulder towards ceiling and bring it down while lower body should remain on floor. It would point pressure straight on your abdomen resulting in formation of abs.

  • Sit-ups

One can be little confuse while differentiating sit-ups from abs crunches. Both are more or less similarly performed with just a slight change. One has to lie down straight facing ceiling. Hands should be locked together cross-fingered and placed behind head. Slowly elevate the upper body so that it creates an imaginary V-shape with thighs. Lower your body at moment you feel the contraction. Perform the exercise in different sets according to your body resistance. Experts can perform different styles of sit-ups like by putting weighted plates, held with both arms resting on chest.

A proper diet is mandatory to have with these robust schedules of exercises. A healthy diet full of proteins, vitamins and Carbohydrates is required to provide enough energy to the body to perform exercises. However, complementary products like BSN protein would also help in rapid development of body without side effect.