Beautiful forts that you must not miss if you are a history geek

Rajasthan fort1

Rajasthan, the ground of fearless Rajputs and Maharaja’s, imbibing stories of their great wars and culture is one of the favorite tourist destinations. . Being dry state, the growth of plantation and seashore is a non-occurrence in this case, yet the appeal of Rajasthan remains exceptional.

One could eye witness the usual sights of much less greens and desert.. Unlike Shimla, Manali, Goa, weather is not the reason for tourists to travel the place, but its unique beauty that sits in its forts is.. The drove of site visitors regardless of months in Rajasthan adds to the question for its acceptance, the answers to those is the eye-catching historical edifice.

Here is a list of 7 Forts that will surely leave you in awe of it:

Nahargarh Fort- Jaipur-


The fort is positioned at the range of 6kms coming from the Jaipur city, close to Aravalli hills. The Fort is an eye treat for all the tourists, providing the most breathtaking The fort provides aids to tourist in the form of restaurants with the most amazing sunset vistas in the city.

Their revolves the history of the Energy of Rathore Nahar Singh and the unconventional mishaps that lead to the naming of fort right after the same. The walls of the fort are expanded, making links to Jaigarh fort. The spectacular sunset encountered here is the compensation for every inconveniences and hiking one will do to reach the fort.

Kumbhalgarh fort- Udaipur-

Kumbhalgarh fort- Udaipur1

One of many beautiful examples of Indian architecture, Kumbhalgarh fort tends to be in the list of every tourist. The fencing of fort is of the length 36 kms, standing at the second after, The Great wall of China.

The beauty of the fort is like a dream come true with all the amazing plants ,shrines, temple, and the rooms. This legacy has seen battles since its built in 15th century by Rana Kumbha.

Amer fort-Jaipur-

Amer fortnew

Titled after the city Amer, the fort is located 11 kms away from the Jaipur. The excellence of Fort tones up by the presence of Maoti lake and its located on the eagle hills.

One can decide to walk to the gate of fort or utilize the conveyance. Built by one of the main navratans of Akbar, Rajaman singh, the resulting architecture is no less than a gem to India.

Jaigarh fort-jaipur-

Jaigarh fort-jaipur

The fort was created by Maharaja Jai singh to secure the cities Amber and Jaipur, yet it is impeccable in terms of beauty. It comprises Museums, residential, temples, gardens and also the world’s largest cannon is a property here. The fort has managed to put up with its splendor and appeal since 18th century.

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Junagarh fort- Bikaner-


The beauty of Bikaner is clear in its food and the existence of Junagarh Fort. It’s a living example of two remarkable cultures that ruled during 15th century, Mughals and Rajputs. It was built in 1571 A.D. The vision treats here’s the Karan Mahal, the Phool Mahal, the Chandra Mahal, and to not leave the never witnessed humongous gates.

Jaislamer fort-jaislamer-

Jaislamer fort-jaislamer1

Possessing the title of Sonar Quila , Jaislamer fort is the second most significant fort of Rajasthan. The construction of the fort lies back to 1156 by Rawal Jaisal. The usage of yellow sandstone’s and presence of yellow sand in the city makes it the Golden city of India.

Jaislamer fort has been incorporated by the UNESCO in its list of world heritage sites.

Mehrangarh Fort-Jodhpur-

Mehrangarh Fort-Jodhpur1

The fort sits in the heart of city and is constructed in the area of 5kms.. The constructor of the fort is Rao Jodha. The fort was selected for the filming of a scene of Hollywood movie The Dark Knight Rises. Feeding eagles by the fort management is a routine here between 3:30- 4 p.m.

The effect of Desert and sun is one of many complications all travelers try to avoid. Wear comfortable shoes plus a hat. The travel will include sunburns, tiresome walks but the gratifying forts will pay off all the problems caused in the way.

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