Unmissable activities to do in Kerala


Visiting one of the most beautiful states of India, yet concerned about what all you can do in there? Kerala stands to be operating beyond than simply being a state of India, it has emerged as a well-liked tourist destination for tourist’s all around the globe. The presence of Kerala in India has added glitter to its incredibility.

The land has so much to offer its visitors, from family, friends, couple trips to even solo adventures in this land can render complete serenity along with breath-taking moments. This state is an evergreen tourist destination, irrespective of months, tourist’s from all around the world visit this place.

The land holds an endless list of soul soothing, daring and blissful things that one can enjoy in here. Savor on the stunning sunsets by the beaches, boat rides on the pristine backwaters, or try your hands on dauntless aquatic activities, the alternative list is quite long as well as time-worthy.

Kerala is a blend of beautiful destinations, so no matter which region you are visiting the experience will certainly be mind-blowing. Listed below are 5 exceptional things that every tourist’s visiting Kerala must enjoy:

  • Witness the heroic Kalaripayattu bout

Kalaripayattu bout

Kalaripayattu is the traditional martial art of Kerala, which is perceived as more than 3000 years old. This highly acclaimed martial art used to be famous in ancient times but with the expansion of technical feasibility, its usefulness has vanished. Although it is gaining back its position through the means of dance and fitness routines. In Kerala, anybody can easily locate several martial art schools training people the art of Kalaripayattu martial.

  • Experience an eccentric stay in the houseboat by Alleppey


When in Kerala grab the opportunity of living in the houseboats instead of hotels and you will get to dwell in a completely different and ecstatic aura. The charm of Alleppey backwaters becomes 10 times more mystical with the privilege of houseboats. From stunning sunrises to surreal sunsets, this serene stay adds glitter to the Kerala tour. It is one of the most preferred way of enjoying Kerala backwaters.

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  • Visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary- a complete deal


Periyar Wildlife sanctuary is a complete package of adventure for all thrill-seekers. In this famed forest reserve of Kerala, one can also enjoy water sports like bamboo rafting in the sharp water of Periyar Lake. Elephant ride is the best mode of doing jungle safari for the tourist’s. The reserve is full of vibrant flora and faunas, providing visitors the sight of tiger, deer, bear and numerous other animals.

  • Cycling in Magnificent Munnar

Cycling in Magnificent Munnar

Go eco-friendly in this land of lush greenery and elevated altitudes. Cycling is something that everyone irrespective of their age enjoys and given the chance of cycling in hills the fun automatically doubles. One must tour the astounding allures with the aid of cycling on the high-altitude roads, this will prevent the pollution caused by vehicles and help Munnar in sustaining its beauty.

  • Most Popular Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic Massages

If you get tired of all the adventure, thrill and sightseeing activities, then take the experience of stress-relieving body massages in Kerala. There are endless number of therapeutic places in Kerala offering amazing ayurvedic massage to all the tired souls. Some of the most preferred ayurvedic massages in Kerala are Udvarthanam, Ilakkizhi and Abhyangam.

Kerala is exceedingly gorgeous, from the collection of pristine beaches to dauntless waterfalls, it has precisely what a tourist desire for. One must visit this beauty at least once in their life, irrespective of who your travel partner is the journey of eKerala tourism will certainly be joyous.

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