What is laser hair removal and how is it done?


In today’s busy scenario, ladies have to carry out all chores by their time schedule and it starts right from the time one wakes up to the moment they fall back to sleep. Despite all these daily life handling, we also have to take out time for self-care that features, parlor appointments.

In the run for saving time, we’ve adapted quickest methods of self-care, replacing shampoo with dry shampoo, oils with creams and a lot more. One more addition to these quick routes is the technique of Laser Hair Removal, it saves the time, pain, burns and gives a wonderful smooth skin.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Making the dream of every woman come true, Laser Hair Removal clinic provides the perfect hairless skin without the pain. Laser treatment works with highly concentrated laser beams to go deep down into the base of hair follicles of human body. This laser when encounters the dark pigments in the hair follicle, destroys it completely, making it unable to regrow hair.

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What makes this effective than other method of Hair Removal?


Unlike other approaches to Hair Removal, this targets each and every hair follicle on the body and eradicates them completely. The destroyed hair follicles are unable to produce hair anymore, making the hair removal results more permanent. To make the growth stop permanently, one would have to go for 5-10 sessions of laser treatment. The count of sessions totally depends on the growth cycle and area of body. An important point to consider is that- Laser Hair Removal is suitable for individuals with the dark hair, since the laser beam works on the dark pigments of hair. So, if your hair is red, blonde or of grey color, it won’t be that much effective.

What is the functioning of Laser Hair Removal?

After the first session of Laser Hair Removal, your hair will re-grow normally in accordance with your growth cycle but a majority of them will fall out on their own. As soon as your body hair achieves the full growth, it becomes the time to go for next session of laser hair removal  and this process continues until the laser disarms the hair follicles forever.

How to prepare for Hair Removal?

One needs to avoid sun exposure and fake tan to touch your body and it’s because the laser beams gets enabled when they come in contact with the dark pigment of hair and if there is presence of dark pigments in skin too, there are chances that it will target those as well.

Shaving the target area is also advised by experts as its lessens the pain and improves better sight for doctors in performing laser treatment. Medical past of the body should be told before the treatment.

Put all your queries before them, and before starting with the actual treatment a patch test must be done. One should choose a place with a great deal of expertise and credibility in the Laser Hair Removal, as this is the sensitive matter of your body. Unlike Salons, Clinics have professionals performing the Laser therapy, so in case of any accidents, they will assist you immediately.

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