“Ladakh”, the name itself sends chill down my spine. Well literally and metaphorically both. This place feels isolated, different and unknown to those who have not visited it. All I hear about these days is how people like to travel on their bikes to reach Leh and Ladakh. It’s the new trend I guess.

Ladakh is a region in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that currently extends from the Kunlun mountain range to the main Great Himalayas to the south, inhabited by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. It is one of the most sparsely populated regions in Jammu and Kashmir and its culture and history are closely related to that of Tibet.

There has been a sudden upsurge of people travelling to Ladakh. So right now I can differentiate between whom have been to Ladakh and tell about its magnificent snow-clad mountains or the gorgeous lakes and the valleys. They say Ladakh will always touch the chords of your heart. Another set that haven’t and explore the most basic questions like “Best Time to visit Ladakh”.


While you are planning to visit this exotic land you might be wondering what could be the best time to visit this beautiful place. While a few people propose summers to be the best time to visit the place when the climate is most energizing and obliging when the snow has softened and there is a buzz of movement with the brilliant and dynamic Hemis Festival.

Then again there are a few for who winters have their own particular appeal with the snow covered mountains offering some of the best views. And not to forget winter is the time when you can enjoy the most beautiful and adventurous trek in the world- Chadar Trek.

Ladakh like other places has its own charm and each month has its own worth and pious quality.


In the beginning of April, summer sets in and everything blooms. It’s the season when tourists start coming in to visit in great numbers. The temperature here is 15 degree Celsius maximum and -1 degree Celsius minimum.

Opting for flights would be a good option right now as all roads and passes are not open. Weather is still not warm and sunny yet, so warm clothes are advisable as the sun is also not very friendly.

Rimpochee Airport is the main airport of the area. By late April, the lakes Pangong Tso and Tso Mouiri start to melt, revealing the excellent hues and spectacular sights. Leh will be having a mesmerising weather at this time. Visit monasteries and stupas.


The Srinagar-Leh roadway is opened at this time. Impacts of winter have still not vanished. Cold roads will welcome you to the city. Temperature is maximum 16 degree Celsius and minimum3 degree Celsius. In the beginning of June, the Manali roads open up alongside Rohtang pass. In any case, the beginning 7-10 days are truly not reasonable for travelling since this place encounters snow slides and repeating blockages. Flight is the best mode of travelling at this time.

Famous monasteries like Thiksey Monastery, Shey Monastery, Stondey Monastery and Likir Monastery.



In this month all the street courses to Leh open up and one can go to Leh on the Srinagar-Leh-Manali circuit. June is one of the best times of the year to visit Leh. By mid-June, the snow begins to dissolve thus one can see some of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh. One can also enjoy the Saka Dawa, Yuru Kabyat, and Hermis Festivals which are held in this month.

If you are visiting by road then reach Ladakh from Kashmir valley through Kargil, which is around 434km. This route remains open from early June to November. 474km long Manali-Leh road is open from mid-June to early October.



In this month, all passes and streets to the land that is known for lamas are opened and the land turns exceptionally welcoming, fabulous perspectives, bikers and picture takers heaven. This month is considered as the best time for visiting Ladakh. The whole place is a mixture of white, brown and green which makes it more beautiful.

Also, a lot of festivals are celebrated by ladakis at this time. Stongday, Karsha, Phyang, Sachukul, Karzok, Dkthok and Sani Nasjal Festivals are held amidst these two months. This is also the time when Hemis Festival takes place and it’s grandly celebrated here



Relatively colder than April-June it is nevertheless a good time to travel to Leh Ladakh if you can brave a little dip in temperatures. With the monsoons over the roads are clear once again and day time temperatures are still warm enough for you to enjoy the beautiful spectacle that awaits you at every turn in the road. Nights can be cold so you should go properly armed with thermals and jackets to keep yourself warm at night.



Officially termed the “off season”, Leh and Ladakh offers a dark and forbidding landscape during the peak winter months. With only 4-5 hours of sunlight and limited power availability, there is much to deter tourists from trying to brave the unbearable winters of Ladakh. Most hotels and restaurants also down shutters so finding accommodation and food is also going to be a challenge during these months. If once is willing to endure such harsh winters, most of the passes including the Khardung La Pass remain open all year around although crossing these snow filled passes is going to be an adventure in itself.


Ladakh changes colours with each change in seasons and whatever time one chooses to visit, you are bound to be rewarded by some of the most amazing and spectacular sights that nature has to offer.


Adventurous Face of Kerala


A dream destination for a vacation should have unique features like ubiquitous natural beauty, few pieces of scientific structures, palpable cuisines, and lots of adventurous events to experience. All things which you desire, you would get in god’s own country, Kerala. The magnetic beauty of the majestic mountains overlooking the Western Ghats and the lush green back waters with a wide array of flora and fauna propels for a perfect tour. The land blessed with immense beauty, lures thousands of tourist every year for some amusing experiences of adventure.

Let us see what it offers for all adventure seeking souls.

  • Bamboo Rafting

Rafting is an experience which is common among tourist destinations but the one offered here is something different. Nature lover are going to have a treat while bamboo rafting. One could enjoy the natural enchanting beauty of the forests where you sail on the bamboo. The sweet chirping sound of the bird provides mourning to the soul. Traversing through forest areas, you could witness the rare wild animals. For the most prominent experience of bamboo rafting, visit at Periyar Tiger Reserve.


  • Mountain Climbing

If you love to Climb Mountains and have a undisruptive look of the nature then definitely head towards Kerala. There are many spots in the state where mountain climbing can be enjoyed to the fullest. Chembra Peak in Wayanad is most popular point for the mountain climbing in Kerala. Though it may sound very exciting, but mountain climbing is a very tough task. Be totally prepared before you start the expedition. Take all the safety measures, important things and eatables with you, as the event is a day long.

  • Wild Life Safari

For an awesome experience of forest life, just go on a wild safari in Kerala and certainly you would gather memories of your life. Witnessing the rich bio-diversity and the amazing range of flora and fauna is an awe-inspiring experience. The greenery of the state would definitely make you more conscious about conserving our environment and natural resources.

  • Tree house living

We all share few same childhood memories just like climbing a tree. Every child once in a life usually does that. So to relive your childhood days must experience the tree climbing event in Kerala. People of all ages can enjoy tree climbing with different techniques according to their convenience. One could also have a wonderful experience of living in a Tree house for a day. Amidst of wild forest above the tree you could see every animal elephant, tiger, leopard or wolf passing through your tree. This amazing experience is beyond description.

·       Elephant Ride

Elephant ride in a lush green jungle is nothing less than tour of a paradise. Above the tall elephant, it just feels like a warrior. You will traverse through forests surrounded by trees and animals. Also, you would witness different activities of an elephant while spending the day with it.

Everyone desire visiting a place which have such different variety of things to offer. If you still haven’t book a deal from several Kerala tour packages, then do it right now. Visit the god’s own country to know the environment little closer and deeper.


Beauty of Leh Ladakh

Beauty of Leh Ladakh lies on the wings of heritage and planted on the adventurous land of their different segment of life styles, culture, religion, tradition, natural cold flame of ice, geographical position, land of passes, lakes, mountains and memorable monasteries, ancient monasteries, other religious sites, palaces of the royalty, various gompas, mountain peaks, wildlife safaris, adventure activity spots and much more.


Leh Ladakh itself tells everything about its existence with ultimate characteristic known for a blend of Indian, Tibetan as well as Buddhism that is turning it into a place which is worth paying a visit too. This place has a popular summer as well as a winter holiday destination. Beauty of Leh Ladakh lies beneath snow-clad mountain peaks, lush greenery and secluded spots with a great attraction for a lot of honeymooners too. Life in mountain glorifies with trekking, mountain biking, rafting and mountaineering including amidst adventure enthusiasts too. Apart from this, people of Ladakh have very different looks from the rest of the country with very hard skin but they touch humanity with soft and plain nature by heart with most simple and cheerful nature.

Leh is the most beautiful and easily accessible place in Ladakh. Beauty also lies inside the flavour and the delicious dishes of Ladakhi cuisine. The river Indus flows across Ladakh which adds four moons to the luxurious beauty of Leh Ladakh. It is a rare wild life destination with numerous exotic animals as well as birds species with striking background of the snowy peaks roam in the air. As the flow of the stream increases between the months of June and August, Ladakh’s season turns into the best season for rafting in the Indus that offers mesmerizing view of Buddhist Monasteries and titanic hills. Yes, Leh Ladakh is uniquely exposed under Himalayan mountain ranges that look quite unbelievable and truly live beauty.

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