Attractive Cruises in Thailand for a luxurious trip to the Land of Smiles

cruises in Thailand

Thailand is a vibrant destination where, travellers feel, that the East meets West. There are some splendid Pattaya Tour Packages especially designed for cruises in Thailand. Thailand is an alluring backpacker’s hotspot. It bears a unique culture and tradition and is history-steeped destination emanating lot of simple beauty and earthy charm from its golden shores and blue seas.

Thailand cruise 1 – John Gray’s Hong by Starlight with Sea Cave Kayaking and Loy Krathong Floating:

John Gray's Hong by Starlight

Travel among the hidden wonders of Phang Nga Bay. Take a kayaking tour of limestone sea caves and cliff-lined lagoons. Enjoy a power boat ride to the emerald waters and watch out for sea eagles and other birds. Enjoy the seafood buffet dinner and floating flower ‘krathong’ after sunset at the Loi Krathong festival.

Thailand cruise 2 – Thai Yachts Sunset Cruise to Ang Thong Park:


Enjoy a relaxing cruise or a tranquil sailing expedition to the limestone islands of Ang Thong Marine Park. This is an excellent place to snorkel in shallow lagoons and intense kayaking through tunnels. The cruise ends with a russet sunset viewing at the Blue Lagoon viewpoint. Breakfast and lunch at the exotic Emerald Lake or Talay Nai. The yachts have spacious sun decks and you enjoy exciting dinghy transfers from Koh Samui too.

Thailand cruise 3 – Phi Phi Islands Adventure:

Phi Phi Islands Adventure

During the Phi Phi archipelago excursion via a joyful cruise, you get to visit four astounding islands in one day. Also enjoy snorkelling along the coral reefs of Pileh Lagoon. Lunch can be enjoyed at Phi Phi Don with ample relaxation on Bamboo Island. Get mesmerized at Monkey Bay and Maya Bay, featured in the famous Hollywood flick ‘The Beach.’


Reason and tips to hire private detective firm in India

detective agency

A personal detective is a master, recruited by a person or and company to carry out the work of investigation on their behalf. Personal investigators are usually hired for both private or company cases.

Many private detective organizations operate in category specialization solely. It is a challenging work for all those who have little or no familiarity with investigators. Employing investigator requires giving of sensitive information be it private or corporate, and that causes it to be the riskiest part of the entire business.

Specified below are a few ways to deal with when employing a private detective :

  • Generalist or specialist – Some cases could only be completed by their subject specialists, look for those and give them your case. Problems like marital affairs, separation and divorce can be remedied by any general detective, but cases associated with cyber crime, data fraud, criminal cases require specialization. Figure out your case specifications and after that contact the pros in those areas.

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  • Reputation of Detective- Look into the credibleness of the detective in advance of handling him your confidential data. Individuals must confirm the status of detective’s bureau and ask him/her the reference of old cases. It should be checked that the investigator has delivered beneficial results in the past cases. The firm where detective operates, needs to be bonafide and renowned.


  • Location of Detective- Make sure that location of detective agency as provided on their own portal, is the real address. To be sure of the credibility of detective, meet up with him/ her in advance. In case the location of detective is of your city, it will make the entire work of drawing details from him simpler. A person of ghaziabad must hire detective agency ghaziabad from the same place, as a result it becomes easier for them to meet and review the case process.


  • Licensing and Insurance of Detective- In India Private investigator agencies are Legal, they simply have to be signed up with the government to operate. Also, ensure that the Investigator is Covered with insurance, and they have sufficient educational accreditation. A crucial move to make before making payments is that a written contract must be signed by both parties.


  • Experience check of the Private investigator- One must ensure that investigation company has great deal of work expertise in dealing with problems. Investigating calls for significant designing and strategies formulation to discover information. All these skills in the detective, can be developed over time with encounters in case managing.

Be extra watchful when employing a detective as it works with your personal data.

Check, if the case handling is performed by the detective you’ve met or, it’ll be done by some third party. Figure out all the relevant information of detective and whenever you’re sure of his credibility and track record, proceed with hiring.

What is laser hair removal and how is it done?


In today’s busy scenario, ladies have to carry out all chores by their time schedule and it starts right from the time one wakes up to the moment they fall back to sleep. Despite all these daily life handling, we also have to take out time for self-care that features, parlor appointments.

In the run for saving time, we’ve adapted quickest methods of self-care, replacing shampoo with dry shampoo, oils with creams and a lot more. One more addition to these quick routes is the technique of Laser Hair Removal, it saves the time, pain, burns and gives a wonderful smooth skin.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Making the dream of every woman come true, Laser Hair Removal clinic provides the perfect hairless skin without the pain. Laser treatment works with highly concentrated laser beams to go deep down into the base of hair follicles of human body. This laser when encounters the dark pigments in the hair follicle, destroys it completely, making it unable to regrow hair.

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What makes this effective than other method of Hair Removal?


Unlike other approaches to Hair Removal, this targets each and every hair follicle on the body and eradicates them completely. The destroyed hair follicles are unable to produce hair anymore, making the hair removal results more permanent. To make the growth stop permanently, one would have to go for 5-10 sessions of laser treatment. The count of sessions totally depends on the growth cycle and area of body. An important point to consider is that- Laser Hair Removal is suitable for individuals with the dark hair, since the laser beam works on the dark pigments of hair. So, if your hair is red, blonde or of grey color, it won’t be that much effective.

What is the functioning of Laser Hair Removal?

After the first session of Laser Hair Removal, your hair will re-grow normally in accordance with your growth cycle but a majority of them will fall out on their own. As soon as your body hair achieves the full growth, it becomes the time to go for next session of laser hair removal  and this process continues until the laser disarms the hair follicles forever.

How to prepare for Hair Removal?

One needs to avoid sun exposure and fake tan to touch your body and it’s because the laser beams gets enabled when they come in contact with the dark pigment of hair and if there is presence of dark pigments in skin too, there are chances that it will target those as well.

Shaving the target area is also advised by experts as its lessens the pain and improves better sight for doctors in performing laser treatment. Medical past of the body should be told before the treatment.

Put all your queries before them, and before starting with the actual treatment a patch test must be done. One should choose a place with a great deal of expertise and credibility in the Laser Hair Removal, as this is the sensitive matter of your body. Unlike Salons, Clinics have professionals performing the Laser therapy, so in case of any accidents, they will assist you immediately.

Unmissable activities to do in Kerala


Visiting one of the most beautiful states of India, yet concerned about what all you can do in there? Kerala stands to be operating beyond than simply being a state of India, it has emerged as a well-liked tourist destination for tourist’s all around the globe. The presence of Kerala in India has added glitter to its incredibility.

The land has so much to offer its visitors, from family, friends, couple trips to even solo adventures in this land can render complete serenity along with breath-taking moments. This state is an evergreen tourist destination, irrespective of months, tourist’s from all around the world visit this place.

The land holds an endless list of soul soothing, daring and blissful things that one can enjoy in here. Savor on the stunning sunsets by the beaches, boat rides on the pristine backwaters, or try your hands on dauntless aquatic activities, the alternative list is quite long as well as time-worthy.

Kerala is a blend of beautiful destinations, so no matter which region you are visiting the experience will certainly be mind-blowing. Listed below are 5 exceptional things that every tourist’s visiting Kerala must enjoy:

  • Witness the heroic Kalaripayattu bout

Kalaripayattu bout

Kalaripayattu is the traditional martial art of Kerala, which is perceived as more than 3000 years old. This highly acclaimed martial art used to be famous in ancient times but with the expansion of technical feasibility, its usefulness has vanished. Although it is gaining back its position through the means of dance and fitness routines. In Kerala, anybody can easily locate several martial art schools training people the art of Kalaripayattu martial.

  • Experience an eccentric stay in the houseboat by Alleppey


When in Kerala grab the opportunity of living in the houseboats instead of hotels and you will get to dwell in a completely different and ecstatic aura. The charm of Alleppey backwaters becomes 10 times more mystical with the privilege of houseboats. From stunning sunrises to surreal sunsets, this serene stay adds glitter to the Kerala tour. It is one of the most preferred way of enjoying Kerala backwaters.

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  • Visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary- a complete deal


Periyar Wildlife sanctuary is a complete package of adventure for all thrill-seekers. In this famed forest reserve of Kerala, one can also enjoy water sports like bamboo rafting in the sharp water of Periyar Lake. Elephant ride is the best mode of doing jungle safari for the tourist’s. The reserve is full of vibrant flora and faunas, providing visitors the sight of tiger, deer, bear and numerous other animals.

  • Cycling in Magnificent Munnar

Cycling in Magnificent Munnar

Go eco-friendly in this land of lush greenery and elevated altitudes. Cycling is something that everyone irrespective of their age enjoys and given the chance of cycling in hills the fun automatically doubles. One must tour the astounding allures with the aid of cycling on the high-altitude roads, this will prevent the pollution caused by vehicles and help Munnar in sustaining its beauty.

  • Most Popular Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic Massages

If you get tired of all the adventure, thrill and sightseeing activities, then take the experience of stress-relieving body massages in Kerala. There are endless number of therapeutic places in Kerala offering amazing ayurvedic massage to all the tired souls. Some of the most preferred ayurvedic massages in Kerala are Udvarthanam, Ilakkizhi and Abhyangam.

Kerala is exceedingly gorgeous, from the collection of pristine beaches to dauntless waterfalls, it has precisely what a tourist desire for. One must visit this beauty at least once in their life, irrespective of who your travel partner is the journey of eKerala tourism will certainly be joyous.

Beaches you cannot afford to miss on your trip to Kerala

kerala beach1

What comes to your mind when you hear term beach. I believe it will be the waves of the ocean, isn’t it? For beach fans, it isn’t just one more place, but an emotion. When they are at the beach they indulge in creating exceptional memories as they find themselves in a relaxing environment.

Kerala is really a gorgeous destination and tends to make every traveler fall in love with its natural beauty, beaches and back waters. Kerala sits at the south, southern part of India and it has a blend of lush greens and peaceful beaches.

Turquoise green water, delightful white sand and sound of coconut trees makes beaches of Kerala unique from other sandy beaches in India. Anyone can for the beaches of Kerala.

Since there are so many beaches in Kerala, it is difficult for someone to travel every one of them. To make your life trouble-free, we have searched a lot and made a list of top beaches in Kerala.

Please check out these amazing beaches of Kerala

Marari Beach, Alappuzha:

Marari Beach 27 mar

This beach is situated in Alappuzha area of Kerala. The term Marari arises from Mararikulam, a nearby village inhabited around the Arabian Sea Coast. Kerala is heaven for loving couples. This is a relaxing beach where you can spend time with your loved one. This place is suitable for a romantic getaway. Adventure enthusiasts don’t be disappointed as there are water activities for you.

Things to do: Fishing, shacks, parasailing, surf boarding, walk on the sandy beach, going for walks.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit is from September till May. August is also very happening due to snake boat race

Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram:


Were you aware that there are 3 beaches within Kovalam beach? Lighthouse beach, Samudra beach and Hawa beach. Samudra beach is really a calm beach and preferred mostly by foreign tourists. However, Hawa beach and Lighthouse beach are mostly the ones likes by family group, couples and bag-packers. If you are traveling to Kerala for the first time, then this is a must visit beach for you.

Things to do: There are lot of things which you can do like snorkeling, bicycling, going for walks, visit Nayyar dam.

Best time to visit: September, October, November, December, January, February, March

Varkala Beach, Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram:

Varkala Beach 22

Thinking about the most gorgeous beaches in Kerala, then Varkala must be in the top list. The main beach is known as Papanasam which means to wash the sins in one’s life. There are two areas of the Kovalam beach, the north and the south part.

The southern part has a Bali Mandapam temple and north part is for visitors. What makes this beach special is the view from the cliff where you have all the cafes to chill and relax.

Things to do: Trip to black beach, A trip to backwaters, Shopping, Ayurvedic Massage.

Best time to visit: From October to March

Alappuzha Beach, Alappuzha

alappuzha-beach (1)

If you have not yet seen alleppey beach in your holiday to Kerala, then you’ve not seen nearly anything. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the town Alappuzha.

As it’s tourist-centric you’ll find several activities held every year for example the Sand Art Festival, Alappuzha Beach Event, and much more. Alappuzha lighthouse is another tourist point of interest that is open for visit on Monday to Friday.

The entry fees is Rs 20 for Indian individuals and Rs 50 for international travelers.

Things to do: You can visit the aged lighthouse, go walking on the beach, Jogging on the beach, Kayaking and canoeing, shopping.

Best time to visit: October to March

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Kannur Beach, Kannur:

Kannur Beach, Kannur1

This beach is a paradise for novel readers and travel blog writers. I bet you will get goosebumps once you see the exotic view of this fantastic beach.

Things to do: visit local Thottada beach, a visit to Muzappilangad drive in beach, if you happen to be a fort lover then you can definitely also check out Kannur fort

Best time to visit: Winter season is the best time to visit (Nov-Mar)

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Bekal, Kasargod:


This beach is famous for its exotic beauty. Bekal beach is popular because of backwaters, natural beauty and forts. If you are searching for a excellent destination for a pre-wedding or maternity shoots, then this is the right place for you.

Things to do: Tour to Backwaters, trip to bekal fort, eco-friendly coconut farms, visit the Nityanandashram caves

Best time to visit: September to March

So by now, you understand which are the best beaches for holidays in Kerala, when to visit them and what to do, so why waste time? Pack your luggage and book your tickets to Kerala! Don’t hesitate to WhatsApp ekerala tourism if you wish to holiday Kerala from Delhi NCR or other city in India.

Best adventure activities to do on your solo trip to Andaman Island

andaman iss 2

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have become towards the prime attraction each and every traveler, when it comes to enjoying the seashores and sea. The land has wonderful hold of marvelous nature in plethora.

In addition to conventional sightseeing and sun soaking, the destination shows up to numerous thrilling joys. Every year tourists trip here to take pleasure from the tremendous blend of beaches, sun tan and seafood.

Pushing up its global recognition are more than 500 islands, naming couple of these are Neil island, Havelock Island, Barren Island and numerous. . The natural splendor of Andaman lies in its water, coral reef, plethora of marine life, islands and also the volcanoes one may witness.

Growing to be a popular holiday destination, the island also pampers tourists with various water sports. . Being the most popular place by every water fan, it indulges numerable mind-blowing experiences, one cannot constrain from.

Let’s immerse straight into the islands of Andaman and have our minds cleaned: –

Technical Scuba Diving – 

scuba andaman

The most popular of all aquatic adventures, it is a great action to take in the transparent water of Andaman’s beach streets. . Thrive on the unique richness of water life, swim with fishes, plants, burst of innumerable colors and everything resembling a fantasy. . January to May is the most comforting period for doing this sport.

Wave riding –


The worry of drowning simply cannot stop you, jump in and take pleasure in the sharp water with a surfboard.. Its going to leave you in amaze as you move with the waves of sea. . This amazingly renowned sport has made to the list of every thrill loving tourist. . Moving together with the command free waves, it’s quick.

Reef fishing

Reef fishing1

The intensive likelihood of sea and oceans with numerous underwater creatures is actually promoting the place in a popular fishing spot.. Source of enticing seafood is a common phenomenon here, relished by the majority of the seafood eaters. . The massive saltwater facilitates marine life to a very large degree. . This game requires endurance rather than boldness.

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Underwater Sea Walking –

Sea walking

The under the water sea stroll is going to be the most beautiful walk you ever went on. . Walking in the crystal-clear water of underwater, enclosed with attractive naval animals, what else can compare to this scene! Walks are assured to be the buffer less with ideal marine gears.

Windsurfing –


Both the element, water and air triggers the creation of this experience. . Fly high above water level and enjoy the wonderful island driving through the winds. . Nothing compares to the aerial view of the landscapes. The scenic splendor perceived while parasailing is distinctive. . This sport is rarely put to end.

Ocean Viewing –

Ocean Viewing1

The easiest yet non-compromising in amusement, this sport is ideal for starters. . Presented the snorkel gear, you can witness all kind of sea creatures from fishes to lobster, even octopus. . This sport is available for all the months.

Drive Through Waters

Going to Andaman and escaping devoid of experiencing Jet skiing can turn out to be very regretful. . Get the hold of Jet-boats and swing with full energy in the water. . The aftereffect of this sports gives your system adrenaline rush.

Andaman, the home of numerous Island chain shows off to be the epitome of mesmerizing scenery. It inculcates everything stunning in terms of food, climate and heart stopping aquatic adventures that one cannot stop but fall in love. . Andaman remains unaltered from the disarray of city life, its environment makes it excellent for purifying the intellects of human lifestyles.

If you are Touring with your loved ones, abandon the tension of accommodation, transportation and other, pick from the most suitable Andaman tour Packages with everything layered.

A perfect spot for all honeymoon couple has great travel packages created exclusively for them. This place has perfect spots if you are a first-time traveler, book your holiday pack and relish the elegance of Andaman and Nicobar Islands with a privilege.

Beaches with most alluring scenic beauty

kerala beaches nn

Hey! So what is a beach for you? Just a sea, Correct? For beach addicts, it is not just other place, but a feeling. These breeze, sunshine and the natural beauty surrounding the beach makes them feel relaxed and free from stress.

Kerala, also called the ‘God’s Own Country’ is renowned for its clean backwaters, greenery, coconut trees and most of all its alluring beaches. Formed after 9 years in India’s Independence, Kerala is Twenty second largest state in India bordered by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep.

Aqua blue Green Ocean, lovely white sand and sound of coconut trees makes beaches of Kerala unique from other sandy beaches in India. One could be easily enticed with the magnificent charm of beaches here in Kerala. Since there are numerous beaches in Kerala, it is difficult for someone to check out each of them. To make your life simple, we have studied a lot and created a list of top beaches in Kerala.

Here’s a list of gorgeous beaches in Kerala we’ve handpicked for you

Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram:

Kovalam 26 mar

There are overall 3 beaches joining Kovalam beach. Name of these beaches are Samudra beach, Lighthouse beach and Hawa beach. The 2 most famous beaches among travelers are the Hawa beach and& Lighthouse beach.

Samudra beach is not much congested and hence favorite among people who need calm. Overall Kovalam beach is among the most famous beach in Kerala.

Things to do: Laying in the sun, snorkeling, catamaran ride, cycling along the seaside, see Neyyar dam.

Best time to visit: September to March

Varkala Beach, Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram:


Varkala beach tops the list of the attractive beaches in Kerala. Varkala beach is also known as Papanasam which means to wash away the sins of an individual. It is notion that a dip in the sea will clears away the sins of one’s life. (This is insane right?).

This beach is split into 2 parts, the northern part and the south part. The southern part has a Bali Mandapam temple and northern part is for vacationers. What makes this beach exceptional is the view from the cliff where you have all the restaurants to chill and relax.

Things to do: Journey to black beach, A visit to backwaters, Shopping, Ayurvedic Massage therapy.

Best time to visit: From October to March

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Marari Beach, Alappuzha

Marari Beach 27 mar

This beach is located within Alappuzha region of Kerala. Mararikulam is a local village in Kerala and therefore the name Marari has originated using this. It is the couples paradise of Kerala.

Newlyweds spend lot of time on this beach. No doubt it is a dream gateway for everyone. Thrill enthusiasts don’t be disappointed because there are water activities for you.

Things to do: parasailing from motorboat, going for walks on the beach, surfing, having food and beer in the shaks

Best time to visit: September to May and also August for the snake boat race.

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Alappuzha Beach, Alappuzha

Alappuzha Beach 111

Alappuzha beach is believed to be the ‘Venice of East’ due to the attractive view it has. It is one of the main tourist attractions in the town Alappuzha. Lot of travellers pay a visit this beach over the year and you can find a number of festivals and events programs like boat race, sand festival etc.

There’s a lovely age-old light house situated on this beach. It is stated to be the very first lighthouse over the western coast of India.

Things to do: Shopping, Ayurvedic Therapeutic massage, Visit Vijay beach park, Visit Revi Karunakaran museum.

Best time to visit: September, October, November, December, January, February, March

Kannur Beach, Kannur

kannur beach 111

This beach is an ecstasy for novel readers and travel bloggers. The tranquility and ecstatic view of this beach can easily calm down one’s senses and make one fall in love with Mother Nature.

Things to do: check out Kannur fort, arakkal museum, muthhapan temple, Shopping, go walking on the beach, exercising on the beach

Best time to visit: Best months to visit are November, December, January, February, March

Bekal, Kasargod

Bekal, Kasargod new

This is an unique & fabulous beach. Bekal beach is popular for its backwaters, magnificence and forts. Excellent location for selfie lovers to click some remarkable memories for Instagram as well as Facebook

Things to do: get a tour of the Chandragiri Fort and go to the Nityanandashram caves.

Best time to visit: October to March

Certainly, these beaches are wonderful, nevertheless is not a comprehensive list but very helpful if you don’t like to spend considerable amount of time in exploring about the best beaches in Kerala.

If you’re looking for any help or suggestion about how to prepare your itinerary for Kerala, then feel free to contact ekerala tourism and we will be pleased to guide.