How Performance Management Software can Improve your Productivity?

Optimum productivity with efficient management of all available resources is the ultimate goal for any organization to become successful. It is important for business organizations to have an efficient workforce, which can work in a best-suited way. Human resource is undoubtedly the most important resource of any business organization, and its effectiveness directly determines the progress rate and success of the business.

Today, with advanced performance management software it has become easier for large and small organizations to ensure optimal performance of the employees, and eventually ensure a better rate of progress for the business.

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What is Performance Management Software all about?

Performance management software is designed to provide regular, crystal-clear and unbiased performance reviews for each employee in your business organization. This system helps to track, analyze and evaluate each employee’s performance effectively.

This is an excellent tool for managers as it provides the essential, comprehensive data for managers to streamline and make the individual business processes more efficient. This helps the managers to increase productivity in a tangible manner, by better aligning employees to achieve organizational goals, by rewarding their performance according to individual skill and achievements.

Management experts agree that prompt and effective appreciation of an employee’s work is the best way to motivate and eventually increase your business productivity levels immensely.

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Increased Productivity through integrating Performance Management Software

Increasing productivity is one of the main goals of any organization. Numerous renowned companies all over the world today use some form of performance management software to help increase workforce productivity and ensure the steady and constant growth of their business.

Conventionally, organizations do keep track of individual and team performance in their business structure however they tend to avoid giving the necessary feedback to employees, which in turn affects the organization’s productivity.

This is how integrating the best performance management system in your business can help to increase productivity levels effectively:

Data visibility helps to increase productivity

When your organization makes relevant information, such as employee performance, more visible it tends to help increase productivity automatically.

This system is able to give continuous and unbiased performance statistics, and employee performance history set benchmarks as well as detect trends and patterns in employee productivity, which pays a significant dividend in terms of increasing employee productivity levels.

The automated evaluation process is faster, more efficient and unbiased, with strict metrics guiding the performance marking of individual and teams in your organization.


Aligning employee and organizational goals becomes easier

The performance management system can avoid wasting time and resources which is normally seen in organizations which have misdirected work goals and activities assigned to employees. This system incorporates business intelligence inputs for generating employee scorecards, which sufficiently help to align the goals of the individual employees and the organization to ensure faster and more efficient progress of the organization overall.

Realigning individual employee goals in the direction of organizational objectives is helpful in achieving higher levels of productivity.

The above-stated reasons, along with improvement in the talent pipeline and a refined appraisal system, are how performance management software helps in increasing productivity in any business organization.


Does Your Company Need Csr Consultancy?

As the government has designed attractive schemes to initiate the CSR practices in every organization, both small and big organizations are showing keen interest towards the CSR culture. Being an organization, your work is not only to deliver services and products. It is also your responsibility to do something for the community and the environment.

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If every organization starts to implement necessary changes for the society, then the development of the entire country is not too far. The corporate organizations now understand the value of Corporate Social Responsibility and thus are playing their part. They understood that this society would only improve when they do take an important initiative for a change.

The CSR practices not only improve the society but also enhance the work culture of the organization. It greatly boosts the determination of employees, and thus the overall productivity of the organization is also improved. Apart from that, the ranking of an organization is also based on the CSR practices.

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If an organization is actively involved with effective CSR practices, then there are high chances that the ranking of the company will improve in the international level. As you know that ranking of an organization greatly matters in availing investor’s fund, thus it is now easy for the reputed corporate firms to get necessary funding from the international communities.

So, indeed CSR practices should be adopted by every organization in the country, to ensure the development of both society and organization. But to manage the CSR practices in an organization, there must be a dedicated CSR consultant. Without an experienced CSR consultant, it is impossible to conduct the CSR activities. The consultants have keen experience in organizing social responsibility tasks, which can ensure the development of society.

Mainly, a Csr Consultant Does the Following Works

  • Design an appropriate Corporate Social responsibility for your company.
  • Keenly research the nearby society and accordingly modify the CSR practices.
  • Plan all the metrics which are associated with CSR practices of the company.
  • Assign works to every employee to enhance the productivity of CSR practices.
  • Keenly keep track of all the expenses associated with CSR practices.
  • Conduct the CSR practices in the public areas and ensure a proper solution for the nearby communities.

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So, it is very important to hire an experienced CSR consultant to carry forward the CSR practices in the organization. You can simply check the Fiinovation complaints regarding the CSR practices in the complaints category. In case, you want to file a complaint against the CSR activities of Fiinovation, then feel free to drop your complaints.

Difference between Personal Loans and Payday Loans

In the earlier years people used to hesitate from taking personal loan, because of the high rate of interest and inability to pay on time, but the system is changing rapidly and people take personal loans pretty casually. To avail a personal loan is also pretty easy and there is a wide range of banks and lenders from which you can chose. Payday loans are also similar to a personal loan but for a much-much shorter time. The principal of personal loan and Payday loan is to pay for things which you might not be able to purchase at once. Let’s compare the both and look at their some of the pros and the cons.

Personal Loan

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A personal loan is not like a home loan or a car loan, as in the bank cannot confiscate something from you. In case of Home loan, if you do not pay, the banks takes your house and if you do not pay for your car loan, the bank can confiscate your car, but that is not the case of personal loan and bank cannot directly seize your assets. That is why personal loan takes weeks to process and approve. For your personal to be approved you need a good enough credit score too. Usually banks charge high rate of interest like 12% to 15% but apply for HDFC personal loan, you can get rate of interest down to just 10%.


  • Lower Interest Rates- Although personal rates are high but when compared to a payday loan, it is significantly low.
  • Avoid credit card debt- A personal loan has much lower rate of interest as compared to credit card processing fees and even the rate of interest charged at the time of repayment is much higher combined.


  • The rate of interest on personal loan depends on credit score, so if your credit score is low than chances are your rate of interest charged on the personal is high. In case of a big purchase, get a new credit and enjoy 0% rate of interest in the beginning.
  • As I mentioned above, personal loan takes time to process and it is not very easy to get a personal loan approved. Especially if you have a low credit score.

Payday Loan

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A payday loan can be defined as a short term loan with high rate of interest. As the name suggests the loan must be paid by the time you receive your next salary. So the duration of the payday loan is only 1 months. In some cases, the income or salary is not credited every month, in that case the loan must be paid in whatever time is mentioned by the loanee, like 2 months, 3 months or 6 months.


Credit score is not important- You can get your payday loan approved even if you have a poor credit score and even if you have no credit history.

Loan Amount can be small- As the loan duration is very short, the loan amount can also be short and the limitation on how small the loan amount can be is pretty low.


Higher rate of interest- As mentioned above payday loan have very rate of interest that is why it is usually not suggested. The average rate of interest starts from 15%.

Payday loan can become a Debt Trap- The banks are very smart and most of the time they know the lonee would not be able to pay on time, going by their credit history, so they offer other loans to the loanee as well, which can become a vicious cycle of never ending loans and debts.

Conclusion- The payday loan should be avoided in most of the scenarios, but in case you have some kind of emergency and you need the cash quick and you can pay it by the next payday too then it would be the best choice, otherwise go for a personal loan.

Hybrid Species of Flowers

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If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change – Buddha

Flowers symbolize the divine supremacy of god that has made life possible on earth in the form of the enchanting flora and a thrilling hodge-podge of fauna. Flowers are a heavenly gift to the mankind. Flowers not only fill the aura with positivity and vibrant colors but also brings a smile on our face. A variety of flowers are significantly used for religious ceremonies and for gifting to other on different occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Flowers are taken as food by birds, butterflies, bees.

A hybrid flower is fundamentally the progeny of two distinct species of flowers, bred by humane human interference. To put it simply, florists choose among the best grown flowers and manually pollinate them to achieve specific results. This can result in flowers bred for certain colors or other desired characteristics.

Flowers like the roses, lotuses, tropical water lilies, dalais, etc. are majorly known for their splendor and charm. Besides, there are many other popular and commonly found flowers like lily, marigold, jasmine, China rose, chrysanthemum, etc. There are also small flowers like daisy and seasonal flowers of small and pretty sizes and color implanted in parks, lawns, etc. Hybrid flowers are not very commonly found. Few of the hybrid flowers found in India are:

  • Hybrid Lilies:

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Hybrid lilies are differentiated as Asiatic hybrids and Oriental hybrids. Oriental hybrid lilies consist of large 6 to 8 inch and fragrant, pink, red, purple or white flowers. The flowers of the Asiatic hybrids are comparatively smaller and usually have no fragrance. The flowers are usually found in bright shades of yellow, gold, rose, pink, white and orange.

  • Peace Rose: The Peacerose is a well-known hybrid tea rose flower. These form elegant buds that open to large, cupped flowers. Their color may be a combination of yellow and crimson edges that depends on the situation, the weather and changes because the flower fades.Image result for Peace Rose
  • Crimson Queen : Crimson Queen is a red rose hybrid particularly known for the size of its buds. Each rose bloom has a head of whirling flowers in crimson, maroon or red. The rose flower puts gives out a strong fragrance that is evocative of antique rose scent.Image result for Crimson Queen
  • Penelope Hybrid Musk: Penelope is a variety of hybrid musk, a rose variety that is specifically propagated for its fragrance. This fragrance gradually spreads freely in the air as the roses grow. Penelope is known for pale pink or creamy white flowers with a perfume vaguely citrus in nature.Image result for Penelope Hybrid Musk

Visit and send flowers to India to your loved one according to their likings. Display your love and emotions through the special variety of hybrid and exotic flowers in the website.

How to Select the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

Choosing the right flowers for your next occasion can be a difficult choice to make. While many types of flowers can be used for the same occasions, there are some types of flowers that are meant to go with a cake, at a birthday or wedding. Knowing the meanings of the flowers and their pertinence to the occasion could make it easy to filter out your options for which flowers to buy. So here are the best flowers for specific occasions.

Flowers for a Birthday and Valentine’s Day

As a gift on a friend’s birthday, a flower that signifies friendship and happiness, is what should be the perfect thing. Yellow flowers should do for such an occasion, like lilies, tulips, or dandelions. For your significant other, consider a rose, marigold or red carnation. As for Valentine’s Day, if you’re in an early stage in your relationship, beautiful lavender roses are perfect, as they signify enchantment. If you’re married, a bouquet of red tulips marks the occasion wonderfully. I know you would have expected Roses, but if the world really had in store for us, what we’ve been expecting, lives wouldn’t really have the thrill of being unpredictable anymore.

Flowers for a Funeral

When paying tribute to a recently deceased member of the family or loved one, large bouquets/arrangements of flowers are not uncommon. You want to choose a flower that signifies love and respect. The best flowers for this are lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums. You also want to select lighter colors for those flowers, preferably white, as it signifies purity and peace.

Flowers for a Wedding or Anniversary

The flowers you select for a wedding are entirely up to the bride and can be practically anything they want. Lilies are a favorite. For bridesmaids, consider choosing the same flower, but in a smaller bouquet. The boutonniere worn by the groom should match the flower of the bride. For a wedding anniversary, the flower should be different depending on the anniversary. Anything around the five-year mark could be a daisy, while the ten-year anniversary might call for a daffodil. The iris is perfect for a 25-year anniversary. Once you’ve identified the type of flower you’d like, send flowers to delhi in a quick and useful solution.


“Ladakh”, the name itself sends chill down my spine. Well literally and metaphorically both. This place feels isolated, different and unknown to those who have not visited it. All I hear about these days is how people like to travel on their bikes to reach Leh and Ladakh. It’s the new trend I guess.

Ladakh is a region in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that currently extends from the Kunlun mountain range to the main Great Himalayas to the south, inhabited by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. It is one of the most sparsely populated regions in Jammu and Kashmir and its culture and history are closely related to that of Tibet.

There has been a sudden upsurge of people travelling to Ladakh. So right now I can differentiate between whom have been to Ladakh and tell about its magnificent snow-clad mountains or the gorgeous lakes and the valleys. They say Ladakh will always touch the chords of your heart. Another set that haven’t and explore the most basic questions like “Best Time to visit Ladakh”.


While you are planning to visit this exotic land you might be wondering what could be the best time to visit this beautiful place. While a few people propose summers to be the best time to visit the place when the climate is most energizing and obliging when the snow has softened and there is a buzz of movement with the brilliant and dynamic Hemis Festival.

Then again there are a few for who winters have their own particular appeal with the snow covered mountains offering some of the best views. And not to forget winter is the time when you can enjoy the most beautiful and adventurous trek in the world- Chadar Trek.

Ladakh like other places has its own charm and each month has its own worth and pious quality.


In the beginning of April, summer sets in and everything blooms. It’s the season when tourists start coming in to visit in great numbers. The temperature here is 15 degree Celsius maximum and -1 degree Celsius minimum.

Opting for flights would be a good option right now as all roads and passes are not open. Weather is still not warm and sunny yet, so warm clothes are advisable as the sun is also not very friendly.

Rimpochee Airport is the main airport of the area. By late April, the lakes Pangong Tso and Tso Mouiri start to melt, revealing the excellent hues and spectacular sights. Leh will be having a mesmerising weather at this time. Visit monasteries and stupas.


The Srinagar-Leh roadway is opened at this time. Impacts of winter have still not vanished. Cold roads will welcome you to the city. Temperature is maximum 16 degree Celsius and minimum3 degree Celsius. In the beginning of June, the Manali roads open up alongside Rohtang pass. In any case, the beginning 7-10 days are truly not reasonable for travelling since this place encounters snow slides and repeating blockages. Flight is the best mode of travelling at this time.

Famous monasteries like Thiksey Monastery, Shey Monastery, Stondey Monastery and Likir Monastery.



In this month all the street courses to Leh open up and one can go to Leh on the Srinagar-Leh-Manali circuit. June is one of the best times of the year to visit Leh. By mid-June, the snow begins to dissolve thus one can see some of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh. One can also enjoy the Saka Dawa, Yuru Kabyat, and Hermis Festivals which are held in this month.

If you are visiting by road then reach Ladakh from Kashmir valley through Kargil, which is around 434km. This route remains open from early June to November. 474km long Manali-Leh road is open from mid-June to early October.



In this month, all passes and streets to the land that is known for lamas are opened and the land turns exceptionally welcoming, fabulous perspectives, bikers and picture takers heaven. This month is considered as the best time for visiting Ladakh. The whole place is a mixture of white, brown and green which makes it more beautiful.

Also, a lot of festivals are celebrated by ladakis at this time. Stongday, Karsha, Phyang, Sachukul, Karzok, Dkthok and Sani Nasjal Festivals are held amidst these two months. This is also the time when Hemis Festival takes place and it’s grandly celebrated here



Relatively colder than April-June it is nevertheless a good time to travel to Leh Ladakh if you can brave a little dip in temperatures. With the monsoons over the roads are clear once again and day time temperatures are still warm enough for you to enjoy the beautiful spectacle that awaits you at every turn in the road. Nights can be cold so you should go properly armed with thermals and jackets to keep yourself warm at night.



Officially termed the “off season”, Leh and Ladakh offers a dark and forbidding landscape during the peak winter months. With only 4-5 hours of sunlight and limited power availability, there is much to deter tourists from trying to brave the unbearable winters of Ladakh. Most hotels and restaurants also down shutters so finding accommodation and food is also going to be a challenge during these months. If once is willing to endure such harsh winters, most of the passes including the Khardung La Pass remain open all year around although crossing these snow filled passes is going to be an adventure in itself.


Ladakh changes colours with each change in seasons and whatever time one chooses to visit, you are bound to be rewarded by some of the most amazing and spectacular sights that nature has to offer.

5 Reasons to Visit International Yoga Festival

Everyone, at some point of time, sees the need to find peace in life, and peace requires calmness. And there is no better way of achieving that than yoga. For all those people who love practicing yoga, the International Yoga Festival is being held at Sri Suttur Math, Mysore from the 3rd to the 7th of October, and everyone needs to be here.


Sri Suttur Math is the elite yoga teacher training center which has its branch in Mysore, Karnataka, amidst the hills and the rivers, with fresh air, and mind boggling beauty, the 4 day long International Yoga Festival is going to be held, and here are 5 reasons why you need to be there.


Well the first and the most obvious reason is the Yoga Training. At the International Yoga Festival, everyone is going to be trained on the basics of yoga, by the who’s who of yoga teachers and experts. They will be teaching the crowd about basics of yoga, and everyone would be practicing the yoga together


For those spiritual people, there are going to be Satsangs every day. For those who don’t know the meaning of Satsang, it is a sacred gather where everyone chants different prayers and scriptures in the name of god, and peace.

  1. DANCE

Well it is a festival at the end of the day, and there is no festival with all work and no play. Entertainment is a vital factor at every festival. I mean the main thing is definitely to look forward to the yoga training from the best trainers the in world, but you do need to be entertained as well. So they have traditional folk dances prepared for the festival for the people to be able to enjoy every evening chilling with your family and friends over your dinner. Which brings me to the next thing to look forward to.

  1. FOOD

This is something that actually seals the deal for me, when there’s a buffet at a festival, which is where I get my money’s worth. At the International Yoga Festival, they have buffets on all 4 days, with an exquisite line up of all Indian dishes lined up perfectly to be able to show those foreign yogis what the food tastes like in the place that originated the noble art of yoga.

  1. GEAR

Well we all know that somewhere deep down inside, everyone loves free stuff, no matter how much they may try to hide it, everyone does. At the International Yoga Festival, everyone who signs up gets their own Yoga Kit the cost of which is included in the total cost of the trip. So you need to book your seat today if you want to grab your own.

So there you have it everyone. These were 5 major reasons you should attend the International Yoga Festival, and be a part of the yogic culture. There are many smaller reasons, which you would read in my second blog. Check it out.